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Technical SupportSetup and Installation

If you require a new PC to be setup with software installation and configuration, then give Spot-On Computing Services a call. We will configure the PC to run at a premium level, as well as ensure that the correct drivers etc. have been installed to make sure your devices (ie Printers, Scanners, External USB Drives etc.) work correctly without impacting on the performance of your computer.

If you have upgraded from an older model computer to a new machine, and need the applications and data migrated to the new computer, we do that as well. Things like your email will need to be reconfigured on the new system, as well as migrating the historical messages so that nothing is lost. Printers and scanners etc. (local or networked) will also need to be re-setup with the new computer.

Documents and digital photographs can also be migrated without any fuss or loss.

There’s nothing worse than getting a new computer, but not being able to dispose of the old due to it holding some important information/data.

Virus Removal

Stay protected from online threats, viruses, malware and spyware. There are millions of possible threats, waiting for the opportunity to access unprotected computers. If you have messages constantly popping up on your computer screen, recommending you take action of some kind, then you potentially have an infected system, which will need to be addressed. Don’t take the risk and put up with how your system is performing, contact us and we’ll come and sort the problem out for you.

We can schedule scanning, remove viruses, malware and spyware and provide protection from hackers and attempts to steal your online identity.

Wireless Network (Wifi) Setup – Home and Business

If you require Wifi or a wired network to be enabled at your home or office, Spot-On Computing Services can come and configure the network for you, ensuring connectivity to all desired systems/devices.

One common item that we’ve noticed from our experience is that households and some small businesses often have the latest technology, but is not using it to maximise efficiency. Issues like having network capable printers and scanners not setup can be resolved in no time, enabling you to gain more value from the hardware you already own.

Security check-ups can be scheduled to ensure your network, systems and devices are secure on both the local network and the internet.

Windows Upgrades

We at Spot-On Computing Services have a lot of experience in upgrading systems to later versions of Windows. Our intention is to move the computer user to the new system with minimal impact, and so that everything is still accessible. This service can be provided out of hours for businesses, so that staff down-time is reduced.

Ensuring that your systems are enabled to automatically download and install any security updates or patches is very important, and as part of our desktop support, we ensure this is happening on your behalf.

Broadband Installations

If you’ve having a broadband service (NBN, Cable, ADSL, Wireless etc.) installed at your home or work premises, but not sure how to go about configuration, Spot-On Computing Services can help you get up and running quickly. Also, people moving to a new ISP (Internet Service Provider) can have difficulty enabling their modem/router to connect to the new service, as well as ensuring email etc. is capable of being received from the new provider.

We have plenty of experience in this type of service, and can have you online and using the web quickly.

Smartphones and Tablets

In some cases, email needs to be accessed from Desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. The setup and configuration of this capability can be provided, as well as installation and configuration of any apps can be provided.

Support At Home

Just contact us for any of the services mentioned above, and we’ll discuss the most suitable approach for your specific environment.