8 reasons why I should use WordPress for my business website

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8 reasons why I should use WordPress for my business website

Building a website is not just about getting something that looks good.  It also needs to be functional, easy to use and modify, and rank well with the search engines which makes it most relevant.

Due to the importance of using the best CMS possible, I have listed below 8 reasons why I would choose WordPress as my website platform –

1.  WordPress is easy to Setup, Modify and Manage:

There are two different types of WordPress websites :

WordPress.com or WordPress.org

is hosted by WordPress.  Normally you would end up with a domain name like yourwebsite.wordpress.com, but you can register your own custom domain, making your site look like yourwebsite.com.au
Premium hosting, security, and backups are also included in the fee.
Hundreds of themes are available to use, which can also be modified to suit your desired look and feel.
It’s just a matter of selecting a plan, and building your site.

WordPress.org is where your website is hosted via an external provider.  You need to install WordPress and have your security, backups etc. organised and included in your hosting fee.
Thousands of themes are available to be downloaded and modified to suit your desired look and feel.  Your own theme can also be developed.
Support can also be found on the WordPress.org forums.
Thousands of plugins are available to install on your website, enhancing the capability.

Note: When developing a website, Spot-On Computing Services will create a WordPress.org site.  We help you select and organise your domain name, hosting, security, email (if desired) and backups.

2.  WordPress is both a great Website and Blog:

WordPress sites are 27% of the world’s websites as at today, and the percentage keeps increasing.  It is a fully functional and developed CMS (Content Management System).  Originally only designed for Blogs, time has passed and the technology has improved, and so has the capability of WordPress.

3.  Thousands of Themes are available:

There are thousands of free themes available for download.  To view free themes, just click here.
Some of the free themes have limited functionality.  The developer may have an enhanced or professional theme available for purchase.  The choice between Free and Pro theme versions all comes down to your website requirements.
The choice of Theme and it’s requirements is part of the discussion Spot-On Computing Services has with its clients, prior to development.

4.  Plugins provide enhancements to your website:

There are thousands of free Plugins available, which can easily be installed into your website. One example of a plugin is where you can have a Google Map of your business location displaying on your website. Your customers will know where you are, by viewing a map.  Writing code into your website is avoided by installing plugins, therefore saving time, money and effort.

5.  You can edit your website from anywhere:

Editing your website is simple,  you only require access to the internet.  From there, just start up your web browser, go to your website and login (e.g.  yourwebsite.com.au/wp-admin).

6.  Save Money:

You won’t need to go to a web developer to make changes to your website.  You can login and change anything quickly and easily.
In addition, as part of our developmental process, Spot-On Computing Services provides a hand-over service to enable management of your new website.  We can also provide an ongoing maintenance service, thereby giving you more time to work on your business.

7.  Mobile Device Compatibility:

WordPress automatically identifies what device you are viewing from (i.e. Desktop Computer, Mobile Phone or iPad).  It displays the content in a format suitable for that device.
Don’t make a second website for mobile devices, just ensure your theme is “Responsive” when developing your site.
Spot-On Computing Services will ensure your website is mobile compatible prior to development.

8.  SEO Friendly:

Google and other search engines can easily crawl WordPress.  This ensures your site has the capability to rank highly.  There are also many SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plugins available.  By adding specific keywords and search phrases to each individual page or post, you can target your specific audience.
Due to the importance of SEO, Spot-On Computing Services provides these services optionally as part of the website design and development process.